Regional Meeting &
Post-conference Opportunities


ICA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
November 13th - 15th @ Tainan

Innovation, Creativity, & Action

This is an ICA annual interchange for those wanting to connect with and support ICA work across Asia.  This year’s themes are Innovation, Creativity, and Action.  The three day schedule will cover the following:

Day 1 - Reports on pre-conferences and network activities

Dialogue on “What the world calling for and is revealing to us?”

Day 2 - Purpose and mission of ICA in the 2018 context - Who are we?

Five focus areas: Community Development, ToP Policy Implementation, Education Methods, Climate Change, and ICA Sustainability.   

Day 3 - Strategic Directions

Commitments, collaboration within and outside the region

All are welcome.  Meeting representatives from ICA related organizations in Asia Pacific : ICA India, ICA Nepal, ICA Bangladesh, ICA Japan, ICA Taiwan, ICA Australia and including Associate members ORP Korea, ICAA Philippines Inc., HRDI India, and Leadership Inc. China.  The event will be held in Tainan at the Jianan Water Conservancy.

Fee : NTD.  9,000 (USD 330)
(Shared housing with meals and snacks are included, travel to Tainan is NOT covered, onsite house may not be guaranteed to those registering after Nov. 9th)

OpenSpace on ToP Asia
November 16th @ Taipei

ICA Technology of Participation (ToP) in Asia and Greater China

Addressing Issues and Opportunities for Expanding and Adapting ICA Technology of Participation (ToP) in Asia and Greater China.  This is an opportunity for the group to explore what is happening, what is needed and what projects and processes to take forward.

Open Space Technology helps individuals and groups become more effective in their work environment. OST captures the knowledge, experience, and innovation of individuals and then invites them to work together toward implementation.

Fee : NTD. 1,500 (USD 55)
(Lunch and snacks are included, Housing, breakfast, and dinner are NOT covered)

Spirit of Facilitation
November 17th - 18th @ Taipei

The Spirit of Facilitation (SOF) is designed for people who have previously attended ICA or other facilitation courses and have some experience using facilitation in their work, in relationships, and in other organizational interactions.  As a person gains competency and experience in basic facilitative methods (whether in group setting or one-to-one as in coaching or mentoring), what does he/she need in order to more effectively recognize and tap into spirit for authenticity, high performance and productivity?

We will reflect on the importance of context, intention, values and purpose. The discipline and stance of “Yes,” being open to facilitating what is happening, rather than what I think should be happening emerges. We hope you will join us for this interactive learning experience.

Fee : NTD. 12,000 (USD 440)
(Lunch and snacks are included, housing, breakfast, and dinner are NOT covered)